Big Bad Blogger Challenge Post #1

Alice Chenaux has kicked of the Big Bad Blogger Challenge and I thought why not? The first question is: How long have you been a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I started my blog on January 1st, 2008 and posted a couple of times and then had no idea what to do, how to get someone else to read it. So it languished for a few months while I began reading the blogs more carefully and learning more about SL fashion. The real start of my blog was in April of 2008 and with Gidge and myself, we have somehow managed to post more 1100 helping of rainbow poop since then.

My life has been enriched by the new friendships I have made thanks to the blog. Not just friendships with designers, jewelers, models, stylists and bloggers, but also with readers who have commented and gone on to IM me in-world. I also have found the challenge of styling a good outfit or making a good photo shoot very fulfilling.

2 thoughts on “Big Bad Blogger Challenge Post #1

  1. Harper

    I don’t know if I should touch that or not….

    But it ‘s good to know a little of the history here. I’ll check out the challenge; I may take it on myself.

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