Group Gifts

I found a surprise in my Objects folder that said Jador Group gift and when I opened it up there was this lovely black and red rose floral lingerie.  Not content to hide it under a shirt, I decided to put on a skirt and let it shine, because it really is quite lovely. To be frank, now that we have the subscrib-o-matic option, I join groups without as much thought…since they are unlimited and so long as they do not flood me with notices, I will stay and sometimes log in to bright red surprises like this one.

I also went to Chowla where R2 had several pairs of red shoes on sale including these for only 49L.  This was not a group gift and the sale is still going on. I think there are 5 different pairs of shoes on sale including darling pink and red ankle boots. The skirt from Magnolia is an elegant option to wear with the corset top.

From Illusions, I am wearing the Cherished necklace and earrings in Cherry Amber. Illusions specializes in masks and costume accessories, but don’t forget that they also have elegant jewelry. For the cost-conscious, they are a real bargain as a fat pack runs of all colors runs around the same prices as one colored set at most jewelers.  The bracelet is also a group gift – though quite some time ago, so if you missed it, you would have to buy it.  The hair is from Bishwear and I am wearing the Group Gift makeup from Baiastice, a lovely and versatile makeup suitable for the dressiest days.

I tend to stay in the groups I join forever…unless group chat is a problem.  I join because I like the designs and want to know when there will be something new.  Some groups like Baiastice are very generous and make sure there’s a gift every month. Some groups are really clever, like Chai, and send demos with each new skin release – a gift that saves you time, sometimes the rarest commodity of all. Some groups, like Tres Jolie, become a community with impromptu dances and expeditions to beautiful sims that happen on a whim.  When you don’t stick with a group for long, you really don’t get to know what it’s about and miss out on some great fun.
****STYLE NOTES******
No Promotional Items

  • Poses: Aphrodite Creations
  • Skin: Baiastice Donnarama
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Nails: J;s
  • Hair: Bishwear Flip
  • Corset: Jador Valentines Group Gift
  • Skirt: Magnolia Olivia Long
  • Sash: Persona Black sash
  • Shoes: r2 kahakai Red
  • Jewelry: Stiletto Moody Heart Charm Bracelet Group gift,
  • Illusions Cherished Set, Tarnished and Cherry Amber

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