Back to Work Ladies!

posted by Gidge Uriza

It’s Monday Morning ladies and that means Gidge is back to work. So I thought I’d show you something lovely and fun that I was sent from Dani’s Fine Fashions.

This is the Retro Plaid outfit and is a complete outfit except for shoes (which is ok cuz unless you are Digit Darkes I have yet to find anyone who gives out REALLY GOOD SHOES with their complete outfits).

I always want a reason to pull out these shoes from Shiny Things, anyway.

I ended up wearing this out lucky chair hopping. Being a compulsive lucky chair hopper usually means I already have the good stuff, but it’s good for YOU if you’re on my friends list, cuz there I stand at La Sylphide going “Hey I’ve got this skin but if you are an R come on over” :).  Several people asked me, in my travels, where I got this cool outfit.

“It’s really different, I like it.” I heard a couple of times. I agree – it’s a nice pantsuit and a fun, casual style.

Hart Larsson Makes Me Beautiful

Hart Larsson Makes Me Beautiful

Fashion Details

***Promotional Items and Review Items Noted with an R

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – PXL Creations – LINDA- Natural – COFFEE LIPS Glam Eyes
  • Hair – ETD – AVEDA – Short Crop – Champagne
  • Outfit – Dani’s Fine Fashions – Retro Plaid
  • Shoes – Shiny Things – Tuli Pumps – Brown
  • Lashes- Cybernetic
  • Purse – Bare Rose Lucky Chair

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