Shopping in Osaka

So I went shopping in Osaka. I actually went there to see if Akeyo had made new dances. The answer to that is no. Then I poppped across the street to see what Rebel Xtravaganza was up to and the next thing I knew I was checking out the adorable little shopping complex iwth the bridges and ladders over the river.  That’s where I found this hair and hat combo, the skirt and the top and some other stuff, but I can’t wear everything at once.  Now, one time when I went to Spain, I did put on three pairs of slacks and 4 shirts because I could not close my suitcase, but other than emergencies like that, it would just be silly.

It all started when I saw this skirt at the Dump Factory. It comes with a simple black top that is not shown. Look at all those marvelous belts. I loved everything about the skirt, even though it’s no mod (probably afraid we would mess up the belts.) I can forgive the no mod aspect because this creator put about eleventy million versions of this same dress in the folder from small to x-large with varying lengths. If you cannot get a perfect fit out of that folder, well, you have played too hard with the sliders.

The skirt has some lovely lace underskirt and ruffles which tempted me into the Courtisane shoes that are just so romantically feminine.

I loved the odd combination of festive winter fur on the neck and wrists with the somewhat prosaic striped thermal shirt from Chipp’d Merchadise. With it I wore the Violet Voltair Glitterati jewelry I got for the Dress Me Up Challenge – jewelry that also seems to pull in two directions in a funky purposeful way. The hat/hair combination is also infused with that same purposeful duality of simple clothing with a baroque sense of whimsy.

The makeup is from Bebae with lush  lips that play into the clothing and a lovely blush on the cheek.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******
There are no promotional items in this outfit.

  • Poses: Reel Expression
  • Skin: Bebae Belina Cinna Cat 3b
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes Sunny Glade
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Nails: Symphony Skins Tintable
  • Hair: Dump Factory Charleston/Hat
  • Top: Chipp’d Merchadise Fuzz Thermal Shirt Pink
  • Skirt: Dump Factory Dressed to Die Skirt
  • Boots: Courtisane Hors d’haleine
  • Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Glitterati Black Set

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