Orange Crush – Or Rha!Rha! For System Skirts!

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My shopping day started with a temper tantrum, which was unwarranted but I am prone to them In World. I was putzing around Diversity Hair – when I spied Aleri’s sign “Free Skins to Avatars Under 30 Days Old.” This was not the cause of my tantrum. No the cause was that the picture with this sign was of some bomb-ass hair that I couldn’t understand WHY I didn’t own. I mean, I don’t own ALL of her hair, but I don’t miss a release lately……not in months. And no way would I have missed such a swishy girly look as this.

The Tatted Lace Edging on Rhaorths Dress is Exquisite

The Tatted Lace Edging on Rhaorth's Dress is Exquisite

Once I found the vendor and found the name of the hair, I searched my inventory and, duh. I owned it. So I slapped it on, and feeling like I had new hair, decided I needed a dress.

I hadn’t been over to RHA! in a month or more, and one of the things that you’ll find when you shop there is that Rhaorth is a builder at heart. She gets bored and she remodels. Which is cool in a way – because she really shakes it up and you can find different things.

For instance……This.

The Crushed Fruit Dress in Orange is just one of five or so colors available in her store. I love the shading on the skirt panel which helps detract from the fact that it is the nature of sytem skirts to wonkify the textures when stretched.

It’s a crushed velvet look with delicate tatted lace texture at the hem, neckline and sleeve caps. Perfect for winter still, but bright and cheery nonetheless.

Fresh Baked Goods Jam Gems Thumbprint Cookies Jewelry

Fresh Baked Goods Jam Gems Thumbprint Cookies Jewelry

I told Cajsa I was at Candy Nail, right after I picked up the dress, and that I was buying the first orange nail that rezzed.  And there they are, the first nails that rezzed. The description says “Chocolate” but I say orange.

The recently release from Fresh Baked Goods really dresses it up even more, making a lovely dress transition easily to evening wear.

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Fashion Details

Review Copy Items noted with an R

  1. Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  2. Skin – Digit Darkes UnDress – Sunkiss – W9 – Sprye R
  3. Dress – RHA! Crushed Fruit in Orange
  4. Shoes – Juicy – Slingback Pumps in  Tangerine
  5. Hair – Diversity Hair – Janis in Iconic Blonde
  6. Jewelry – Fresh Baked Goods – Jam Gems Thumbprint Cookies
  7. Nails – Candy Nail – 018 Chocolate Bon Bon

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