Falling in love with Modern Gypsy

A friend asked me to TP to Stiletto Moody to see if I could. While standing near the TP point, explaining that it was open only to group members because of the 40% off sale I spotted an elegantly styled and lovely woman. Her name is Staci Bernard and after I admired her lovely outfit, she was kind enough to give me the landmark and introduce me to Modern Gypsy where I found the gorgeous jacket she wore as well as this coat and oh-so much more.

This stunning jacket is actually only the top part of a long winter coat that sweeps to ground. However, as you can see the snow is deep, so I opted for leaving off the bottom prim and wearing just this lovely parka.  The outfit includes the hat and jewelry.

I added leggings from a dress outfit at Modern Gypsy (only 10L for the entire outfit, dress, hat, and leggings) and leg warmers and boots from Bax Coen. I liked how the earrings and the leg warmers both have little diamonds.

Now, I am going to talk price, even though I seldom do.  I did not see one item in this store that cost more than 200L – even incredibly complex and gorgeous high concept gowns.  The quality and sensibility infusing these designs make me think of Cachet and Paper Couture. If you are looking for some amazing high fashion bargains, take a look at Modern Gypsy.

I believe that creators have the right to charge what they please without criticism. They know that if they charge a higher price, they will have fewer customers. For some, that’s a plus, as it gives their product an air of exclusivity.  They have to decide for themselves whether they are better off in the long run selling 200 @ 100L or 25 @ 1000L.  Then we, the buyers, decide whether we are willing to pay those prices. There is no one right answer and no one perfect price. That said, everyone loves to find extraordinarily low-cost high-quality items like this.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio

****STYLE NOTES******
No promotional items in this ensemble.

  • Poses: Annah
  • Skin: Cupcakes Celebrity Cat Eye honey
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes Sunny Glade
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: find Ash Noble Assymetry
  • Jacket: Modern Gypsy Couture Winter Coat (not wearing long prim)
  • Leggings: Modern Gypsy Barella Couture Dress Undertights (only 10L)
  • Hat: Comes with Modern Gypsy Winter Coat
  • Gloves: Fleur Short Leather Gloves
  • Leg Warmers: Bax Coen Wool Night Legwarmers
  • Shoes: Bax Ankle Boots Black Patent
  • Earrings: Part of the Winter Coat Set

5 thoughts on “Falling in love with Modern Gypsy

  1. jessica

    I would love to check this store out but where could i find it? i live in santa ana. i love unique beautiful clothing and jewlery.

  2. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    it’s in Second Life, a virtual community that connects people around the world through the internet. The clothing is made of pixels and imagination.

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