Me n' My Droogs Can't Make Up our Rassoodocks What To Do

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I originally had a mind to write this entire post a la A Clockwork Orange but figured many of you might poke out your minds eye trying to translate Alex’s lingo. I also thought that I might poke out my own brain trying to DO the translation, so decided to let it go.

I’ve been looking for something to wear with these excellent boots of Miffy’s (disclosure – from my shop Don’t Ask) and while doing the car wash shoot the other night, Cajsa and I wandered into Go Ask Alice and I spied these cargo shorts……and a light went off.  WIth prim pocket attachments for a more authentic worn pocket look I’m in love with these. Slouchy, casual, comfortable, and just perfect for a night of ULTRA-VIOLENCE if you ask me.

I picked up the A Clockwork Orange from S & S and it’s part of an outfit – but I just used the shirt with this outfit. I accessorized with a bunch of Miffy’s items, belt, bracelets and the new teddy bear bag (complete with sweet little teddy bear on the front strap).

I’m excited that it’s boot weather because it’s going to give me a chance to show off a lot more of Miffy’s beautiful sexy boots, most priced at L$100 or less so you can pick them up without breaking the bank.

I spent some time looking for an appropriate skin to wear out with this tough girly outfit, and then I realized that I HAD the perfect skin, by Hatchy Mills, and I think Alex would approve – I mean CHECK OUT the lashes! The skin is available in a variety of makeup’s but I just had to have the orange lipstick!

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photostudios

Click Here to See the Entire A Clockwork Orange Fashion Shoot

Fashion Details (Where to get your Droog Gear)

  • Shape – Custom Gidge Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Miko Skin Makeup 3 by Hatchy Mills – Don’t Ask
  • Hair – Reica by Diversity Hair in Lime Green
  • Eyes – Purple Rain by FNKY
  • Shirt – S & S A Clockwork Orange Shirt
  • Pants – Go Ask Alice Destroyed Cargo Shorts
  • Belt – Zenith SM Belt – Don’t Ask
  • Bracelets – Zenith  – Don’t Ask
  • Boots – Long Boots – Zenith – Don’t Ask
  • Nails – 006 Glitter Gold by Candy Nail
  • Bag – Bear Bag by Zenith – Don’t Ask

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