Sympathy and Trust Abounding

I enjoyed the Hair Fair – I loved the bloggers’ sneak peek on Thursday night though spent too much time dancing and too little time looking considering that we only had a bit over an hour.  Going back primless and fancy free, though, I managed well enough to find some great hair. That includes this other find from Exile.  The most exciting thing about Hair Fair is the new-to-me hair designers I find there, or in this case, forgotten. How could I have forgotten, where was my head?  Certainly not in this luscious hairdo – not until the Hair Fair, that is.

Look at that braid – now have you ever seen such an excellent braid in Second Life before?  My avatar jumped up and down and kicked her heels in the air and did assorted and sundry other expressions of delight when that hair rezzed…it’s yummy.

You know what else is yummy? The Dorra dress from PixelFashion in Blue. Now… I am not wearing the whole dress, pixel prude that I am. The wrapped fabric tape bodice is fine for the disco, but not for running out and about – not for pixel prudes like me that is. Keeping the pants layer from Dorra and the underwear layer from Armidi, the fabric tape does show as a belt/sash just as I wanted it to.

So I threw on a black Hoja top from Armidi – now how often do I do that?  Listen top makers, when you make your top so that I can use any of the three layers and you include a panties layer for navel coverage, you too will have made a top that gets dragged our regularly. All layers, navel coverage, flexibility, that’s all I ask.

Harper commented the other day about finding some good gloves which reminded me to dig out my Fleur gloves – a lovely fat pack in three lengths and myriad colors. Gloves certainly make an outfit more upscale, don’t they.

Making a quick jaunt to the store, I tossed on a jacket from Cachet – just cause it’s getting a bit nippy as Gidge has mentioned.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******

  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Skin: Tuli Elizabeth Lifght Grace
  • Hair: Exile Voodoo Scarlet
  • Jacket: Cachet Roisin Black
  • Skirt/Belt from Dorra Blue by PixelFashion
  • Top: Hoja Black Armidi
  • Shoes: Tesla Vixen II Classic Teal
  • Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Angel Set
  • Fleur Turquoise Gloves
  • Armidi Focsani Handbag

3 thoughts on “Sympathy and Trust Abounding

  1. Harper

    For the longest time, if you were going out for an evening function, you were not dressed without your gloves. That ended in the mid Sixties, and didn’t come back until the Eighties — who says that Eighties fashion was evil and overblown?

    Since that first dropout, gloves have swung back and forth in fashion on a roughly 20-year cycle, at least judging by the ads in the magazines; they died in the Nineties, but the designers are trying for a comeback, again by the criteria of appearance in ads and fashion spreads. More power to them says I.

    I don’t go out on the SL town as often as I did; clubs tend to lag my machine. But when I do — usually to Frank’s Place — I like to dress right, and that means gloves. So carry on, Cajsa! That’s a very smart pair you’re wearing, too, along with a great outfit overall. Frankly, I’ve liked all of this “Aquarius” series you’ve done so far.

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