Pink Is Hot:Life Is Good

It suddenly occurred to me that because the only skins of Hatchy’s I have worn were the Demon and the Neko skin that you might think she doesn’t make everyday skins. I decided I would wear her Mimi skin to show you. There’s a reason I don’t wear Hatchy’s skins very often. She made my shape and it’s somewhat similar to her own. She wears her skins all the time, of course, and so when I put one on, I look very much like her. I don’t want to confuse Gidge: one SL daughter is enough. Right, Gidge?

While SL was misbehaving today I wandered around Tenjin Fukuoka for awhile, waiting for teleportation to be restored. But you know, patience has its own rewards and for me, the reward was discovering SPiAM – a tiny little space on Tenjin Fukuoka, quite likely a new creator because there were not very many items. Nonetheless, as you can see by this lovely dress, they are wonderful.

When SL got its tantrum out of its system, I hopped over to Life Is Good – where I have shot before. It’s just such a lovely, relaxing place. I love to go there. I will be forever grateful to Beanie for bringing me there and showing me around. In this photo, you can see the PINK as PINK can be shoes from Shiny Things that inspired this post’s title.

There are  more photos on Flickr.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******

  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Skin: Mimi-Skin-Natural from H&M @ Don’t Ask
  • Hair: Yuru Up Honey Brown tinted from Betty’s Hair Salon
  • Dress: SPiAM Flower Garden One Piece
  • Shoes: Shiny Things Dare Pumps in Berry
  • Bangles: Cailyn’s Retro Skyscraper Cuff – Silver/Pink
  • Anklet & Earrings: Le Petite Fleur
  • Necklace: Beaded Necklace #5 from Swallowtail

2 thoughts on “Pink Is Hot:Life Is Good

  1. Gidge

    You know hop on those maternity pose balls ONE TIME with Vic and then suddenly I’ve got an SL daughter……..geeez.


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