Message In A Sn@tch Bag

Posted by Gidge Uriza

You know what? I never shop at Sn@tch. Which is really lame of me. I like their stuff. I picked up those fantastic pirate skull shoes they put out for free, and not just because they were free but also because the bows were color change and I thought that they were a hoot.  I would totally have paid for them. 

There are always so many people THERE, and the models are chatty and they freak me out.

And then, I’m fairly sure everyone there hates me also. 


Because I’m that person who walks in, after letter X,F,Y,Z,T,U,R, and J have been standing around WAITING forever for that thing in the lucky chair to pop up with THEIR letter…….and I stumble in, look around, intimidated by the talking models who chatter and the clutter of people.

It goes like this, I say “I’m going to start over on this back wall, I’m going to look for X”.

And G pops up on the lucky chair.

WOOHOOO! I WIN! (and I feel their eyes upon me……hating my letter G)

In this case, a really sweet messenger bag. If I still had a big baller SL job I’d totally wear this thing around to look important.  (misses the money of the big baller job but not the job – twas chaos).

Know where else I ALWAYS win? Eolandes. LOVE Eolandes. I once won Gift Cards out of her lucky chair like 4 times in a row. I gave them to a “friend’s” girlfriend as a sort of a peace offering, but now I am bitter about it because I think she was undeserving. 🙂 Eolande’s is only for the sexy people. I’m sporting her pirate bead bracelet (a lucky Chair prize) which I love.

I added these accessories to a new but not completely new release from Kunglers – Bella. I enjoy their clothes for a casual, put together look when I’m running off somewhere and don’t really have a lot of time to dress. They often include accessories and nice details that give you a “put together look” quickly. In this case I was running over to the Sim I used to manage to watch the owner blow things up. I swear I put on the messenger bag just to look busy…….”I am sooo busy now that I don’t work here, I barely have time to visit. Ta-ta dahling.”Yes,

I realize that I am a total doofus.

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo studios, the Premiere Photographers of Your Second Life.

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Peppermint Blue Freebie – Party Red
Hair Laqroki – Priss in Sunkissed
Eyes – FNKY Purple Rain
Pantsuit – Bella from Kunglers
Shoes- Juicy Peppercorn Slingbacks
Bag – Sn@tch Messenger Bag
Nails – French Pink from Love Soul
*won more stuff in the lucky chair at Sn@tch last night……….don’t hate me!

5 thoughts on “Message In A Sn@tch Bag

  1. Ivey Deschanel

    Awee don’t feel intimidated. Seriously we’re all really nice down here in the sewah (said with my put on Boston accent) I make the models talk..force them to lol. They actually do help a lot of people find stuff in such a big store and people hang out a lot cause of them. We’re all just attitude and no real bite, promise. I always hated that models in stores were silent or afk so we decided to shake that up a bit. You could just do a like some and pretend you don’t speak english! That works. Thanks for coming by, hope you come back in and we’ll see if we can get another “G” up there for ya.

  2. Gidge

    Heehee. I will be back, I hop by Sn@tch at least once a week…..which probably says a lot about my shopping habits if I say I don’t shop there…..geez how much am I at the places I DO shop at?
    I’ve got issues.

    You know your models are never unfriendly or rude – they’re really really sweet actually. I just always feel like I just walked into a party uninvited….
    “Hello! I’ll be your doofus this evening!”
    It’s not them – it’s me, because no one there has EVER been anything but nice to me 🙂

    People just make me nervous lol.

  3. Harper

    Re: the job: Yeah, Gidge, that job was really Vicious, wasn’t it [ducking quickly]?

    As for the clothes, you’ve put together another winner, and I should check out Sn@tch some time, esp. for that bag. I seem to have a bit of luck with the chairs myself, so who knows…?

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