This Dress Does Double Duty

After trekking far and wide for my still unfinished project and doing 4 photo shoots for clients, I felt like dressing up a bit last night – but not too much. There’s this lovely gown from Mondira with subtly shaded fabric that is breathtaking – but it was a bit too dressy for my mood. But why let that stop me from wearing it?

All I had to do was take off the too dressy for my mood top and add the Hoja top in cream from Armidi. I then added Persona’s White sash and the white lace vest from RAnoel. In Edit, I changed their tints to complement the skirt. To do this go to edit appearance, select the sash and  click on the texture tap. Click in the white box to the right of the texture to change the color. I used the following: Hue 337, Saturation 15, Luminosity 25. The jewelry is from an amazingly generous fat pack at Illusions and the Charoite stone was exactly what I wanted.

In keeping with the dusky tones of the dress, I chose this amazing new Crys skin from Hart Larrson of PXL Creations. You can see how well this is made with this close-up  that highlights to beautiful makeup and the dusting of freckles. The eyebrows have a lovely arch, the lipstick is flawless and the eyes are smoky and sexy.

I thought it only fair to show you the whole dress since I do really like it – and the only reason for mixing it up was my own fondness for clothing mashups and a desire to not be quite this dressed up. This photo shows you the lovely back detail.

This shows you the front and – just for fun – still with the Persona sash. The next pic is the dress in all its glory.

Statements regarding PXL Creations Content Theft Allegation: From Laqroki From PXL Creations
There has been no DCMA filed.

  • Shape: meili2 custom by Hatchy Mills
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Skin: PXL Creations Crys Dark Eyes Coffee Lips, Freckles
  • Hair: Bishwear Toss Me Around Auburn
  • Top: Armidi Gisaci Hoja Cream
  • Skirt/Dress: Mondira Fashion Franzika
  • Sash: Persona White tinted HSL 337:15:25
  • Jacket: Ranoel Lace Vest White tinted to HSL 337:15:25
  • Shoes: Tesla Vixen II Fallow
  • Jewelry: Ilusions Entranced Antique Charoite Set

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  1. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    Yes, sadly her store lot is empty. Her name is Rano Noel and she had a second store in her picks so I just tried that without luck. I just sent her a note card asking for a LM and will post it as soon as I get it.

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