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I had originally picked out this ensemble for my house party last week, before Alice came along with her mahvelous Peppermint Blue items. So I thought it would be fitting for some time at the lake, since I was in the land of 10,000 lakes.  I only saw like 3 lakes, so I’m not sure where they hide the rest of them BUT this peachy fun bikini definitely lends a white sand beach attitude to the mucky lake water.

And now if you’d like to kill me, I’ll confess that this was a freebie – and BEAUTIFUL freebie bikini at that. And I know it’s by SYD but I do NOT know where/when I got it. Try not to hate me forever. 🙁 Anyoneknow if this is still available? It’s prettier than some bikinis I’ve paid good linden for and looks great with my fair skin. I always have trouble with things like bikinis because I wear such fair skin – no tan skin for me. Pasty white girl in both lives. 🙂  It’s also a great compliment to my Reyna 2 hair from Sinsation, which I don’t wear much but is a fun ‘do.

I love how flattering the texture is and what a feminine print it has. I also like that it’s ladylike and all my bits aren’t hanging out. Don’t want to end up on SLFP just because you decided to hit the beach, now do ya?

More pics of the Peachikini are located here.

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
Skin – Babekate glosspink Blond
Hair – Reyna2 in soft blond
Bikini – SYD Bikini series 1 multi
Shoes – Elise 2 elevate from Tesla
Nails – Love Soul French Pink
Earrings – Cat earrings from Izumiya

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