Stardust Memories

Stardust Memories…

Sometimes I wonder why I spend
The lonely night dreaming of a song
The melody haunts my reverie
And I am once again with you
When our love was new
And each kiss an inspiration
But that was long ago
Now my consolation
Is in the stardust of a song

Oh, that Hoagie Carmichael sure could write a great song, a timeless classic that will still be sung if and when we ever travel to the stars. This dress, Daphne Diamond, from Casa del Shai, has that same sort of classic timelessness. I can picture Greta Garbo sparkling in this, but I can also close my eyes and see Deanna Troi waltzing in it at some intergalactic ballroom. 

What makes it a classic? The elegant simplicity of its lines, the subtle soft sensuous fabric, the always chic silvery gray color, and the way it clings and sways to the body. Then there is the simple and restrained embellishment of stardust on the skirt. It is a dress that could last forever. And oh….is it ever sexy.  

How can I put this delicately? Let’s just say that if you wear this dress, you will be as gorgeous and sexy in the rearview as from the front. Shai Delacroix definitely knows how to shade her textures to highlight your assets. 

In keeping with the simplicity of the dress, I wore the striking and elegantly simple Kraftika No 112 earrings and necklace and a simple bun from Celestial Studios. To complement the jewelry and stardust, I wore the Paradise shoes from Digit Darkes, strappy stiletto sandals with a burst of diamonds where the straps criss-cross your feet. You can see them and other photos on my Flickr.

  • Shape: melli2 by hatchy mills
  • Skin: Cornsilk – Makeup 02 by SYD
  • Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC-Eyes
  • Manicure: Red by Body Politik
  • Hair: Jennifer (Ember) by Celestial Studios
  • Dress: Daphne Diamond by Casa del Shai
  • Shoes: Paradise by Digit Darkes
  • Jewelry: No. 112 by Kraftika 

6 thoughts on “Stardust Memories

  1. Harper

    Lord, I’m glad I’m keeping up my bank account here (sigh). I could use some pure-fun retail therapy about now.

    (Storms out for the shops, linden debit card in hand)

  2. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    You’re welcome. It’s such a beautiful dress. I wore it last Christmas and got more compliments that night than for anything I have ever worn — many of them mentioning my assets, lol.

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