A Heart Shaped World

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m always looking around the world for cute nightie outfits. I don’t really know why. I certainly don’t sleep In World – I think I just like to put them on,sit at my dressing table, brush my hair and look cute. Regardless – it’s hard to FIND babydoll nighties that aren’t hooker-wear. It really is.  I was excited to see this full outfit that includes the nightie, bra, panties and stockings – with a separate layer for the nightie top that lays sheerly over over the bra. I love little details like that.

Some people might save the hearts for valentines day, but I’ve never been ruled by convention. If it’s cute it’s cute. And I love this little ensemble – especially the detail on the stockings.

Full disclosure – my husband Silo found this designer, Myshail Sobocinski, when searching for parasols to decorate our home and she is now featured on the second floor of Don’t Ask.  She also is located at her own store French Elegance. I apologize – I would include the Slurl but my PC that runs SL is down so I can’t hop IN WORLD to grab it. I promise to grab it later today or tomorrow and include it!
Click here to see the rest of the photos on Flickr.

Fashion Details
Shape 190cm by Peppermint Blue
Skin – Laqroki Lucy03 Portrait Skin
Hair – Cutie in leaf Tipped – FNKY
Eyes – Purple Rain by FNKY
Nails – AE – Rogue
Lingerie – Valentine White Lingerie


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