The Afternoon Has Gently Passed Me By…….

posted by Gidge Uriza

and evening spreads itself againt the sky
waiting for tomorrow
just another day
as I bid yesterday
Bring On The Night
Couldn’t Stand Another Hour of Daylight…..
– Sting

 Cajsa TPd me to Adam and Eve because she knew that the only thing I love more than a ball gown is an exquisite ball gown. This FREEBIE at Adam and Eve surpassed all of my expectations the second it rezzed up.

Now, if only I could wear it at a Masque ball in Venice……I think I might die happy.

Fashion Details
Shape 190 CM from Peppermint Blue
Skin – Chestnut from Peppermint Blue
Eyes – Purple Rain from FNKY
Hair – Pompadour in Blonde from Zero Style
Necklace – Leezu Baxter Chakra Shagasrara Amulet

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