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Murder Incorporated

There actually was a Murder, Inc. that flourished (if you can use that word for it) from the 20’s until the 40’s – a company of hired killers and enforcers who worked for the National Crime Syndicate.  However, the mob has never been an equal opportunity employer so I am sure Miss Murder never worked for them. Actually, Miss Murder is the name of the delightful little plaid outfit from A-Bomb that includes this adorable skirt and tie. It’s so cute that it’s already had a few outings on the feed so I decided to change it up a bit by changing the shirt to this one from Cachet (Lelutka).

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Royal Blue ♦ Suzie Blue

Ben Harper is one of my favorite singer/songwriters. It’s a joy to listen to him explore all sorts of musical roots and genres as he seeks a good song – which he once said was really what it is all about – a good emotional song.  I was listening to him this morning and had hit the ITunes Genius button and the Genius decided to play “If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again” Oh yeah, that was an emotional song. Thirty minutes and three hankies later, I can finish posting this great separates from the new Royal Blue Collection which will be released on the 13th and share a more cheerful  Ben Harper song. Okay, it doesnt’ start out cheerful, but it gets there.

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