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I Leave You With I Love You

It always makes me sad that people don’t dress to travel. It’s not an occasion any more, it’s just something we do. I feel like it IS an occasion and do like to make it special.

So I drew an I love you on my bag, so everyone would know. Continue reading

Meet Lust

Hello, people!

It’s four days i’m wearing this skin from .::Felony::., i like it so much i don’t want to take it off anymore:


Meet Lust. It’s stunning. It’s luscious. It’s silky. Really. Such an exotic and beautiful face and so different from most of the skins i’ve been seeing around lately. I’m wearing it in the light tone which is also different from “normal” light skin tones: it makes me think of a burning rose.
Look at the mole above the lip, it adds the definitive sensual touch to the whole skin…..Oh my, i love Lust, Feline Dagger did such a great job!
This limited edition skin comes in 4 tones and will be available at the Festival of Sin which will run from February 18th till March 3rd, so you better get ready, folks!

Now let me show you these amazing heels:

Spring in Bloom

The Spring in Bloom heels from Purrfect 10 are some of the most beautiful heels i have ever seen and you can find them and their “Wild Rose” version – in cream and crimson – at the Back to Black event.

Two more pictures and credits after the cut!

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In the Forest

I love the Forrest [sic] Nest dress from Boudoir for many reasons – in particular the lush forest  green color and the intricate cutwork lace in the bodice. My mother taught me this lace making technique and I could spend three months making insets for the upper front bodice. Of course, it could be machine made, but it has the look of hand made lace. With it I am wearing the glorious Whiskey & Wheatgrass necklace and earrings from Balderdash.

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