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Anna's Many Murders


I have been to see Anna’s Many Murders, the recent sim installation from Bryn Oh, a half dozen times. It’s an intriguing sim and has so much to see and explore that I hope you all take a trip there. One of the most striking scenes is the fox leaping, pouncing on the small Bosch-like creature running away.


It seems so ominous and reminds me of so many things from Breughel to Bosch to Hitchcock’s North by Northwest. I love so much about it that I simply had to shoot some pics that illustrated something of what it makes me think of.

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Rising Expectations

It’s been a while since I have blogged Phoenix Rising – and that’s unfortunate because the clothes are even more distinctive and fun. Take this lovely outfit called Motive, is there anything more fun that that lovely plaid corset with the wide sash and belt?

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