Anna's Many Murders


I have been to see Anna’s Many Murders, the recent sim installation from Bryn Oh, a half dozen times. It’s an intriguing sim and has so much to see and explore that I hope you all take a trip there. One of the most striking scenes is the fox leaping, pouncing on the small Bosch-like creature running away.


It seems so ominous and reminds me of so many things from Breughel to Bosch to Hitchcock’s North by Northwest. I love so much about it that I simply had to shoot some pics that illustrated something of what it makes me think of.


Of course, there’s a limit to how scared you can be when you’re wearing an outfit as bold and cheerful as this new release from Gizza for Ch1c. I am in love with this outfit, not least because that belt is made and fitted so perfectly that it looks right no matter what you do. I even videoed how well it stays fitted while dancing but my cat was sleeping too close to the mic and mostly you could just hear him snore.


That gorgeous jacket comes with the dress – a complete outfit – and the prims in the jacket are also beautifully done and keep looking good as you move around. I love outfits with prims that are so well made and placed that they look good in most positions and don’t need adjustments from position to position.


The elegant and fun shoes I am wearing are from Bottle Bird. I picked them up at Shoe Fair, but didn’t get them blogged during the fair itself.


The hair and skin are also special releases for Ch1c – the one year anniversary of Chic Management. The skin is from Atomic Bambi and the hair from Shag. The jewelry is from Baiastice – part of the new summer collection.

***STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Di’s Opera
  • Skin: Atomic Bambi Tania for Ch1c
  • Eyes: Unique Sensitive
  • Lashes: Lelutka
  • Hair: Shag There She Goes for Ch1c
  • Jacket: Part of Gizza Chic Outift
  • Dress: Gizza Chic Outfit
  • Shoes: Bottlebird Wallpaper Shoes
  • Jewelry: Baiastice Reale Set
  • Location: Anna’s Many Murders 

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