Man, I Feel Like A Woman

So I was bored a few days ago, before the SICK really took hold and knocked me into the RL bed. I went wandering and traipsed through THE ICING.
First of all, THE ICING is officially a store I LOVE HARD. And unlike some places, the freebie wardrobe closet in the store isn’t full of crap I’d never wear (pro-tip I don’t want a tee with your store logo). I had the other two dresses but for some reason this Pizzicato Poppies is new or NEW TO ME.
Which is just as good.

There was a time when I didn’t feel complete if I hadn’t blogged a proper party dress weekly. I might have to get back to it because I haven’t taken this one off for like four days. Which is amazing because I go through more costume changes than a chorus girl.

Then I needed poses for long hair. So, I made some. They’ll be out at pose fair – whenever that is. I forget. April sometime. 🙂 I’ll pimp it when it’s here, promise.

I also popped over for Fashion For Life and even though I’m a poor girl usually, they have GACHA at several vendors! I played the Gacha at Poetic Color – droool and got Iced Jasmine (top) and Coffee at Night (Bottom) eyes. The top are a little brighter than I might normally wear. But, Poetic Color for only 50L?!? WIN!

Now it’s very late! You can shop on Sunday! These good things will STILL be there!

Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
Skin – PXL Creations – Linda G3 – Natural – Gold Lips
Lipstick – Baistice – Tirel – Gloss – Lipstick Peach
Eye shadow – PXL Creations – Linda -G3 – Natural tone – Orange Eyes
Mascara – Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 5
Hair – Truth – Krystal – Mirage
Dress – The Icing – Pizzicato Poppies – Freebie
Shoes – G- Field – Flower Pumps – Eve – chocolate
Earrings – G-Field – Orange Earrings
Nails- Ibizarre – Nail Polish – Spicy Orange
Rings – Je Suis – Gacha – Tente – Forrest – FFL Gacha
Eyes – Poetic Color – Coffee at Night and Iced Jasmine FFL Gacha

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