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ChouChou Returns


KWZ features the designs of Kariwanz Felisimo. AT KWZ you can find everything from the Victorian to the Post-Apocalyptic, from the Gothic to the CyberFuturistic. Yes, you can find everything except the banal. Her designs are fully imagined and well-executed with a total commitment to quality and detail. This Omega Dress, for example, has exquisitely detailed embellishments and embroidery and its texture has the sort of depth that makes you think you could feel it through the screen.


I wanted a special place to shoot it and what could be more special than the newly opened ChouChou? ChouChou is not the easiest place to shoot – not only because they disallow building AND scripts so even pose HUDs won’t work, but because there are always so many people there. Thankfully Emerald has the Derender option and I was able to derender the dozen or more people around me. Continue reading

Another Glance

There’s a new shopping sim in town. Now I know that happens all the time, but this one has a great build and a fabulous combination of familiar and popular brands with new and unknown to me fresh discoveries. Of course, I am not so conceited as to think that everything new to me at the new Glance Style sim is new to everyone – but nonetheless, I love the combination of new and established – of discovery and reliability.  The sim opens today at 1 PM and there are some opening day gifts such as the hair I am wearing – so do try to get there.

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