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One Night This Furry Geisha and I Went In Kimonos

posted by Gidge Uriza

One night, alone and kinda bored on the grid, I was accessorizing outfits when I saw my friend Furrball come online. I messaged him and we started chatting and eventually he popped over to my house, to visit while I figured out what went with what.

He was wearing, his normal furry getup, a kimono and carrying a big parasol.

I couldn’t resist, and slipped into my new Kimono from Sweetaholic….which as I’m sure by now you realize is one of my secret passions.  I mean SERIOUSLY I do have enough Kimonos to start a harem of geisha……and a big harem. (I’m mixing cultures- but I dunno what else to call it – a gaggle of geisha?Alliteration is nice). Continue reading

Memoirs of a Sweetaholic

posted by Gidge Uriza

My box of Christmas Gifts from Cajsa included gift cards to Sweetaholic.  So she says to me the other night “Have you been to Sweetaholic?” and I mumble no, really – thinking with a name like that – it’s gotta be some booboo kitty-emo-harajuku-Batz Maru kinda joint. With big puffy t-shirts.

Or something.

Yeah, I was wrong about that one. Continue reading

Kimono Motion

posted by Gidge Uriza

I love Kimonos. I can’t say enough about them, but I’ll try to be concise. They are, in my opinion, one of the perfect feminine garments on the earth. Delicate, ornamental, plain, or extravagant they can fit any occasion.
I can slip into a kimono and attend any event wearing some casual hair and not be over dressed. Or I can dress it up with traditional hair ornaments and other accoutrement and attend a formal event. Art gallery openings, ballet recitals, live music performances – I’m in perfect form wearing a kimono. Continue reading