Memoirs of a Sweetaholic

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My box of Christmas Gifts from Cajsa included gift cards to Sweetaholic.  So she says to me the other night “Have you been to Sweetaholic?” and I mumble no, really – thinking with a name like that – it’s gotta be some booboo kitty-emo-harajuku-Batz Maru kinda joint. With big puffy t-shirts.

Or something.

Yeah, I was wrong about that one.

A shop with some of the most extraordinary kimonos I ‘ve ever seen, I was dazzled and confused and literally walked around like a noob shopping in SL for the first time with lindens in their pocket.  All around the shop were luxurious textures, accessories as well as FULL outifts.

I decided on one of the FULL outfits, which would include skin, shape, hair the works.  I dithered about which one I wanted, and finally chose one based on the winter season and we rolled back to MDR to shoot.

I slipped into the shape (and immediately shrank!) and then started slapping on my attachements and various pieces of the kimono.

And I had bought the wrong one.

I am Such a Doofus Sometimes

I am Such a Doofus Sometimes

The good thing was, there was no bad choice – no LOSER in the store. I could have accidentally bought anything and walked away with a beautiful purchase. THAT is how fantastic Sweetaholic is.

The Skin Included is Lovely and Delicate

The Skin Included is Lovely and Delicate

 If you like Kimono fashion, and know that you do indeed get what you pay for, check out Sweetaholic. If I recall, there was a nice freebie fan in there as well.

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All Photos by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studio

Shortest Fashion Details EVER

Kimono, Shape, Skin, Hair and all Accessories – SWEETAHOLIC – Hime 1.1

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