Kimono Motion

posted by Gidge Uriza

I love Kimonos. I can’t say enough about them, but I’ll try to be concise. They are, in my opinion, one of the perfect feminine garments on the earth. Delicate, ornamental, plain, or extravagant they can fit any occasion.
I can slip into a kimono and attend any event wearing some casual hair and not be over dressed. Or I can dress it up with traditional hair ornaments and other accoutrement and attend a formal event. Art gallery openings, ballet recitals, live music performances – I’m in perfect form wearing a kimono.

Kimono’s come in all price ranges, and all quality ranges too. Better to have one or two nice ones that work than 10 that look like garbage.  I was reminded of my passion for kimonos when SLFreestyle ran a post about freebie kimonos. I missed them, never got around to picking them up etc. But it really rekindled my love of the garment. The one pictured here is from Rumi’s Original Store.

I thought it would also be neighborly of me to let you know of some excellent freebie or dollarbie kimonos out there in the world if you are interested in expanding your wardrobe without breaking the bank. I posted some pics of me wearing them on my Flickr Site and you can find them at Mitsukoshi(lots of freebies here! As in, everything!) and again at Rumi she has dollarbies.

Fashion Details:

Skin – Lolita by BareRose

Shape – 190cm from Peppermint Blue

Eyes – Purple Rain from FNKY

Nails – Rogue from AE

Kimono – Rumi Furisode in Red

Hair  – Brat by Diversity Hair in Black with red tips

Hair Ornament – Sasori Yukata Kanzashi (part of another Kimono ensemble from Bare Rose – Sasori Yukata)

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