One Night This Furry Geisha and I Went In Kimonos

posted by Gidge Uriza

One night, alone and kinda bored on the grid, I was accessorizing outfits when I saw my friend Furrball come online. I messaged him and we started chatting and eventually he popped over to my house, to visit while I figured out what went with what.

He was wearing, his normal furry getup, a kimono and carrying a big parasol.

I couldn’t resist, and slipped into my new Kimono from Sweetaholic….which as I’m sure by now you realize is one of my secret passions.  I mean SERIOUSLY I do have enough Kimonos to start a harem of geisha……and a big harem. (I’m mixing cultures- but I dunno what else to call it – a gaggle of geisha?Alliteration is nice).

Of course after I had mine on we decided to be funny and go over to the Tempura sim and take pics of ourselves.


Yeah – we’re totally silly.

I’m wearing a geisha makeup from FRICK.  I showed you one of her pinup makeups earlier this week – this is one of her fantasy makeups. She has more than one geisha I believe, this one is a group gift.  She may still have it available in the sore – she has a lovely bag of goodies for when you join her group.

More geisha pics

Fashion Details


  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Hair – Armidi – The Ginza
  • Skin – Geisha Group Gift from FRICK (check her out, I think ithis is about 30L)
  • Kimono – Sweetaholic (complete outfit)

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