This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I accept the fact that I’m more than a bit of a Second Life PRUDE. That’s ok. It’s my Second Life and I can be who I want. I respect the fact that you too can be whatever you want. But, I think that when our fantasy existences cross one another, a certain amount of decorum, and well – manners, should be expected.

Case in point.

I got dressed – as pictured, and ventured out because a good friend had new releases that were not to be missed. I actually had several stops on my shopping list, but this first one was a much anticipated release -a must have.

Upon arriving, there were lots of grey people there. I moved out of the TP spot and just waited. In fact, even after turning down my graphics, the crowd was slow to rezz so I went and got a beverage before returning.

When I come back, they’re making fun of someone. Oh – it’s ME.

In my presence are two furries, two parents and a child AV, two women in lingerie FYI YOUR APPLIERS REZZ REALLY SLOW NICE NIPPLES, and two naked women on chains with their master.

Somebody’s master thinks I just need a good collaring. They think I look like a grandma. They’re laughing because I’m carrying a purse. Ok. Really? Girl on a chain thinks it’s funny I’m carrying a purse?

Rather than engaging, because honestly, the opinions of slags mean nothing to me, I walked up and reviewed my intended purchase trying to decide if it fit where I wanted to put it. At which point “OH SHIT WE’RE IN LOCAL” was piped up by one of the chained girls.

I turned around (I like to do that, it’s kind of menacing), and said “Yes you are. But it’s ok. I know they don’t teach manners in your mom’s basement.” I felt really, at that point I got to comment.

At which point one of the furries calls me a bitch.

What if, just what if, we respected that everyone wants something different out of SL. If I can respect that you think wearing a buttplug that talks or a fake fetus that blathers on nonsense in public chat is a great fashion choice, why can’t I simply dress nicely and live quietly. Why am I the wrong one in that equation?

Dignity. It’s free. Some folks should get some. The way ya’ll love freebies you’d THINK you’d be all over that shit.

Gidge Is Wearing:

Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 5
Beauty Mark:[PXL] Beauty Mark POS8 Dark SX
Purse:*katat0nik* (yellow – POSE) Woody Purse
Shoes: Ingenue :: Lydia Slingbacks :: Night
Hair:Slink Bianca Hair Nordic
Hands and Feet: Slink
Dress: SYSYs – Mesh Daisy Dress – S – FloralYellow MY ATTIC
Earrnigs: [HANDverk]Zelda Earring.yellow
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire
Skin: -Belleza- Leila Pale 1 BL
Eyes: Poetic Colors classic – coral reef (m) bright


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9 thoughts on “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. Achariya

    I don’t know where you got it into your head that Gidge is a prude. Perhaps you misread something I said about keeping my legs closed for IOF posts (I meant it figuratively, as in making sure I was in keeping with the sense of this blog)…

    But yeah. It’s ridiculously sad when people who live in a specific culture decide to bully others because they’re not part of that culture. More power to you for keeping your cool and your dignity.

  2. Caoimhe Lionheart

    I guess we can have a sorority of prudes then Gidge, bc I can’t stand any of those types of things either, I am just me, but like you I keep my mouth shut and let them do their thing with the thought in my head (gee wouldn’t their parents be proud?) But anyway, You are graceful and chic with limitless classy-ness, so don’t let the feckers get you down. In this life or the other one! <3

  3. Gala Caproni

    I use mute so much. If I don’t like an open chat conversation in a public venue, mute mute mute is my friend – even if its me they are talking about. Because I don’t know you and your opinion doesn’t matter to me. If all someone has to say is mean things, its really more a reflection on them, and how unsure they are of how THEY look. Hugs, Gidge, you are always gorgeous and well put together.

  4. Boudicca

    I am soo with you on this……….and Hi 5!! to you for saying your piece to them too. Probably didn’t even make them blink, but you stood up for yourself and that’s always good thing for other’s to have seen.

  5. Nat

    I guess you could be considered a prude, if by “prude” you mean classy, stylish, cute and fashionable lol. It always stuns me when someone with a tail and feedbag (actual feedbag) attached to their face, tries to insult me about my appearance in SL. You would think after 8 years it wouldn’t, yet it does. At least momentarily. People show who they are in RL, in SL more clearly than they realize. I respect every one’s choice to be what they want, how they want. It’s freaking SL for pete’s sake. There are no “rules”. I follow your blog because of your “prudish” ways lol I drop following blogs where I see criticisms about avatar proportions, etc. because every one should be allowed to be what they want. That isn’t always so easy in RL, and it should be easy in SL. So, you keep being you, because its why I follow your blog.

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