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Merry Christmas, Mae Tabak

Mae Tabak

I did not know our blog was read by goblins, but it is. One of them even volunteered as guest stylist with all her goblin-ey goodness. So, gracing our pages again is the ungrinchified goblin Mae Tabak. According to the Uncyclopedia, Goblins like boggy areas so I thought it the fens at Zone might be a good place to shoot so we headed off to Zone where the giants walk. I figured if they got feisty, having a goblin around might be an asset. Mae was seasonally festive in a red and black dress from Sn@tch – the store where all the most discerning goblins shop. The textures are rich and the dress has those details that show care and imagination like the row of embellishment right under the bodice and the gracefully curving lines that flatter.

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Filling Our Blood Spattered Demon Deficit:Guest Stylist Mae Tabak

posted by Gidge Uriza

I met this plurker and grid resident at my husband Silo’s rezz day party where she shot lizards out of her vajayjay.

I knew that wasn’t the last I’d seen of her.

Mae told me she was going to be a demon and wanted to shoot something incongruent with her demon. I thought the Sanrio-esque pastel background was festive and about as anti-demon as I had on hand.

Well, I didn’t look to see if I had anything with a puppy. But she might’ve eaten the puppy anyhow. Continue reading