Filling Our Blood Spattered Demon Deficit:Guest Stylist Mae Tabak

posted by Gidge Uriza

I met this plurker and grid resident at my husband Silo’s rezz day party where she shot lizards out of her vajayjay.

I knew that wasn’t the last I’d seen of her.

Mae told me she was going to be a demon and wanted to shoot something incongruent with her demon. I thought the Sanrio-esque pastel background was festive and about as anti-demon as I had on hand.

Well, I didn’t look to see if I had anything with a puppy. But she might’ve eaten the puppy anyhow.

I also thought it was a giggle to make her a happy fun demon.

I’m probably lucky she didn’t eat my soul or whatever the hell it is demons do. Wait, what is it demons do again? I totally forget…….

This may be my favorite close up I ever shot, solely because of the blood drop on her forehead. 🙂 That rocks.

The Non-Traditionally Beautiful Mae Tabak Is Wearing:
****STYLE NOTES******

Skin: [rQ] Red Queen Wrath Type.02-W.o3/w.Damage

Eyes: [House of Ruin] Lupine: Red Fade (No longer available, limited edition)

Eyelashes: KOSH- No Alpha Lashes V5

Nails: Slave Driven Designs- Femme Fatale

Hair: Exile Breeze-Scarlett

Piercing: *~*HoOcHiEs*~* Triple Nose Piercing

Tattoo: .:::dEVOL:::. Blood Tattoo (No longer available)

Horns 1: Illusions-Cylindriculus Horns

Horns 2: The Stringer Mausoleum Demon- Demon Parts Volant Horns-Embellished (Twisted Hunt 1 prize, NLA?)

Hooves: *BF* Battle Fairy- Cloven Hoofed Demon
Boots Crimson

Wings, Armbands, Legbands, Neck Stinger, Stinger Tail, Prim Top, Prim Skirt, Socks- ##CI## Creative Insanity- Black Demoness outfit/parts that come with Demoness AO purchase

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  1. Mae Tabak

    I love how all of the shots turned out and really glad to have been a guest stylist; you totally needed a demon, especially one that occasionally squirts lizards at rezday parties!

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