SINcerely Whores, Hybie

Soooo, if you are a giant hobag have I got a lot of goodies for you!!! Just kidding (about the hobag part). But seriously, The Festival of Sin is going on (where I was hit on my a noobie linden with a giant penor) and the Whore Couture Event is coming up starting March 1st and will last until the 31st. So, below I’ve mixed and matched items from both events. Enjoy!

Hybie Is Wearing:

Picture 01:
Lingerie: <Toxic Bish> Black Dream (Whore Couture Event)
Hair: *Alice Project* Kiera – Black (Festival Of Sin)
Skin: +>A&A<+ Peacock Pale Black Brows (Festival Of Sin)
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Blue (M)
Pose: Oops v.3 from Cracked Mirror (Whore Couture Event)

Picture 02:
Outfit: {It Figures} Perfect Housewife (Whore Couture Event)
Skin: +>A&A<+ Flora Black Brows Frex (back to black)
Hair: [e] Over – Brown 08
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes – Sylph – Fudge
Pose: estetica: pensive 2

Picture 03:
Lingerie & Earrings: [Ngelic] Dreamy White (Whore Couture Event)
Skin: +>A&A<+ Fauna Tan-Black (back to black)
Hair: [e] Abbey – Black 04
Pose: Cracked Mirror – Oops v.4 (Whore Couture Event

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