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So You Need THE Dress….

posted by Gidge Uriza

Someone on the Vain Group IM the other night called out “HELP! I need the dress!” A few thought she needed a wedding dress.

But I knew. She wanted the dress. A dress of power.  A show stopper.  Her exact request had something to do with making his pants fall down around his ankles – but you get the point.

Luckily I knew where to find one. Continue reading

Flawlessly Comme il Faut

When I saw that Comme il Faut was producing a design for Passions of the Black Swan, I was eager to see the result. Moire Georgette’s designs have the timeless glamour of Greta Garbo and I was hoping to see something Garbo would wear and was not disappointed with her offerings, l’oiseau rebel (red) and l’oiseau triste (blue/purple) Continue reading