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Flawlessly Comme il Faut

When I saw that Comme il Faut was producing a design for Passions of the Black Swan, I was eager to see the result. Moire Georgette’s designs have the timeless glamour of Greta Garbo and I was hoping to see something Garbo would wear and was not disappointed with her offerings, l’oiseau rebel (red) and l’oiseau triste (blue/purple) Continue reading

Black Swan Events

Second Life has Black Swan events, but so does real life. Sadly, there’s no dancing, but there can be excitement. If you like history and philosophy, it’s an interesting idea. The name comes from the age-old assumption that all swans are white. All it took was one black bird (and allegedly a homely one at that) to disprove centuries of knowledge. In essence,  the idea of a black swan event is that it points out how fragile our system of assumptions and knowledge are – sitting there waiting for some unpredictable black swan event to toss them in the air. What does this have to do with this dress?  Well, I guess it’s the way the designer took our assumptions of the “black swan” and tossed them in the air to come up with a dress that breathes fire.

Continue reading