Bring on Autumn

Wind is sweeping my coast, and Summer is ending with a rather large bang. Today’s outfit is in honor of the Season of Mists, which I sincerely hope will begin as soon as nature stops throwing a fit. I love fashionably Dead’s skins, and was beyond overjoyed to see two of them for sale for FLF yesterday. The skin goes so well with this shockingly orange hair from fashionably Dead — err, so I accidentally bought the color pack beneath the one that I wanted, but I really like it anyway. The cheek makeup is from Hate Me and Eat Me, a makeup-and-pose shop that is well worth following for its creativity. The tattoo is a new one from HUZ, the Secret Lotus. A picture of the back is beyond the cut! And the lovely dress is by Evie, of course

Eyes: NP Lunar Eyes in Gold
Outfit: Evie’s Closet Tuala dress in lilac
Horns: Rue Horn’d Fool in mother of pearl
Skin: Fashionably Dead Earth Flower – FLF White
Hair: Fashionably Dead Mare in Orange 7
Makeup: Hate Me and Eat Me b_mu*001b
Tattoo: HUZ Secret Lotus – Fresh
Gazebo: Zacca & Nonino

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