Blogging My Bedroom Floor – DAY ONE – DREAMS

posted by Gidge

So I have this terrible habit from my early days of blogging. When I buy or am sent things that are boxed, and I don’t have my planner near me – I just drag them out onto the floor.

From there, a couple of different things can happen.

1. I open the item and like it and blog it right then.

2. I open the item/look at the vendor image and like it and think “I’ll blog that later” and leave it.

3. I do not open the item but intend to open the item, and leave it.

Thus, my bedroom floor.

My husband has intimated to me that it might be his preference that I clean up my room.

Thus. The Bedroom floor project begins. HERE IS HOW IT WORKS.

I’m gonna put it on and blog it. Unless I hate it. And then I’m going to delete it and we shall never speak of it again. Let’s see how many stores that are out of business are still sitting on my bedroom floor – shall we?

But to start with, I actually have a goodie……DREAMS – which is owned by creator Sanura Snowpaw.

Dear Sanura,

I am picky about jeans. Most people suck at making them. I usually just wear Sn@tch jeans because I can count on Ivey not to fuck them up. I love these. You just made the jeans maker A-list in my inventory. 🙂  You did a nice job.

Yes. I am a jeans snob. But let’s face it – while jeans might not be the “easiest” garment to make there are tons of them on the grid. You don’t have to wear crappily made jeans. So I can be picky – AS CAN YOU.

These capri jeans come in a variety of colors and some patterns and Sanura offers the zipper front corset to coordinate. Originally these were offered at DISCO DEALS and the RIOT ROOM – oooo I wonder if there are any in the Riot Room still? ………

ANYWAY – they awesome. 🙂

See, I’m not going to blog anything on the floor that is ugly or bad. So – if you see a box and then during the course of this project you don’t hear about it………alas…….twas fugly.

Now, have a great Weds!

Style Notes:

  • Skin – Pink Fuel – RAINE – Classic
  • Hair – Truth
  • Top and Pants – DREAMS – Jeans and Zipper Corset
  • Nails – Adam N Eve

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  1. Xenobia Foxclaw

    ROFL. I can’t tell you how often one of my rooms is littered with boxes, bags, and other assorted containers. However, it would never occur to me to blog about it. I love it.

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