The Wheat! The Wheat!

Long ago and far away I read a book  called The Octopus by Frank Norris – a story of the exploitation of the wheat growers of California. It’s central truths, though, were as applicable to the farmers of the Midwest that I knew and their history that lead to the creation of the Grange and the Farmers Union – so I have a soft spot in my heart for that book, even though it is not very well written. One of the most memorable things about the book for me were the occasional bits of expository meanderings that began “The Wheat! The Wheat!” I saw those four words and knew it was here-we-go-again time.  “The Wheat! The Wheat!” has forever been able to send me into a fit of giggles ever since. So, of course, this post featuring the lovey butterdish sim and this glorious combine has that phrase running through my head.

You might wonder what wheat fields and countrified clothing have to do with Adam n Eve’s glorious gold metallic skin  with the face a motherboard must love, but I posit that for a wheat farmer, the techno-riffic skin is a better match than the League’s booty shorts – no matter how cute they are with the paint splatters and the too long pockets. Threshing is dusty scratchy work and anyone operating a combine in their right mind would wear long jeans. Farming, on the other hand, demands an immediacy of information that makes farmers some of the most wired people you can find and that skin is wired.

Before the internet, this farmer would head on down with her Maitreya Desert Boots to the local cafe for a mid-morning break to hear the futures on the radio. Small town restaurants across America knew the key to success was a radio tuned to the futures to draw in all the farmers who would listen, discuss the days prices and factor in their knowledge of the markets, the weather, how well the crops they and their neighbors produce were doing and try to time their commitment to sell for the optimum price. Farming combines all the intricacies of market forecasting required by Wall Street analysts with back-breaking labor, god-awful early mornings and the high stakes of gambling – all for a job that for many just scrapes by.

Today’s farmer has some advantages that earlier generations did not, though. And I don’t mean cute hats with hair from Miau Haus or fabulous jewelry from EArthSTones – though they are certainly a bonus! The cotton shirt from Artilleri also would be worn proudly by any farmer.

Today’s farmer has the internet – with frequent and complete access to commodity markets around the world, with more sophisticated weather information and the information on commodity harvests not just in your region but around the world. Yes, that increases the complexity of the decision-making process, but certainly makes for more informed decisions that are less of a gamble. That’s why when I saw this Adam n Eve skin with the Byte Makeup – I didn’t think of cyborgs. I thought of farmers.

***STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Sweet Lovely Cute
  • Skin: Adam n Eve Gold Byte
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors Cinderella Medium
  • Hair: Miau Haus Ryan Hair R
  • Shirt: Artilleri Jed Shirt/ Organge Green
  • Shorts: LEague Booty Shorts
  • Boots: Maitreya Desert Boots
  • Jewelry: EarthStones Bali Crescent Set R, EarthStones Chandraki Bracelet

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