Black Magic Woman

I got a Black Magic Woman.
I got a Black Magic Woman.
Yes, I got a Black Magic Woman,
She’s got me so blind I can’t see;
But she’s a Black Magic Woman and
she’s trying to make a devil out of me.

I’m not to proud to steal a comment from my Flickr photo of this dress. Harper left that comment for the dress and while I had not thought of that when I put the look together, I liked the idea. Actually, when i was putting it together I was thinking of Logan’s unfortunate outfit on Project Runway last week, the one with 40 zippers. Now, this dress from Exclusiva is a much better example of zippers as embellishment and a much hotter look, in my opinion.

I wonder if the “Macy’s Accessory Wall” had these luscious zipper booties from COCO, if Logan may have been saved? Sadly, he did not and he was Auf’ed. Poor fellow.

I went to the Shiny Things Accessory Wall instead, (wink). Seriously, Shiny Things is not just for shoes, there are some magnificent jewelry sets there. I adore the long, long Ruma necklace and the Pyra cascade earrings. They just rock! All of them are in a set of silver jewelry that is one of the best jewelry bargains on the grid.

I think I faired better than the models who went to the Tresemme Hair Salon as well. This is the Dakota hairstyle from Cake. Sometimes I wish that Cake would release more hair, more frequently. However, this is hair worth waiting for. It’s just so luscious and arresting.

This makeup is Cleo from Dutch Touch. I really love the look of it, it’s a powerful and sensual face with a real strong “look” about it. I have not worn many Dutch Touch skins because my face structure has not fit them well in the past, but my shape likes Cleo a lot.  I have thought many of the other skins were absolutely gorgeous and wished my face fit them, but it didn’t and I don’t like tweaking my face. I am so excited that this skin looks good, because the makeups are hot and the look is exciting.

I do apologize for the more erratic posting than usual. The flu has been kicking my ass and I have not been well enough some days to post anything.

****STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Reel Expression
  • Skin: Dutch Touch Cleo Cream Smokey
  • Eyes: PXL Creations Glow Yellow Green R
  • Lashes: Lelutka Diva Prim Lashes
  • Hair: Cake Dakota
  • Dress: Exclusiva (formerly VictoriaV) Eden Black Jersey R
  • Shoes: COCO Zipper Bootie
  • Jewelry: Shiny Things Fiorina Bangle, Pyra Cascade Earrings, Ruma Bangle and Ruma Necklace.







2 thoughts on “Black Magic Woman

  1. Harper

    A lovely outfit, and I thank you very much for thinking of my Flickr comment.

    Now we only need to work out the royalty payments. Have your people call my people, and we’ll do (virtual) lunch….

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