How I Cheated on Ivey Deschanel with Digit Darkes…

posted by Gidge Uriza

So this is a true tale of my night on FABULOUS FASHION TV the other night. I dressed in SN@TCH from top to bottom, solely because I wanted to say SNATCH on Angie’s show.

Childish I know – but it was giving me the giggles thinking of it. I figured if my shirt, shoes and pants were ALL from SN@TCH I would work it in.  I have the maturity of a ten year old boy – yes I know this. But then the gravity of the fact that my ultimate fashion diva idol DIGIT DARKES was there set in, and HOW WAS IT THAT I WAS NOT WEARING HER CLOTHES AS AN APPROPRIATE FANGIRL SHOULD ?


I totally changed on stage right in front of the entire crew. But I think that they were so busy drooling over Digit that no one noticed. Not that I blamed them. I was too busy to fangirl or drool or be in awe because I was lamenting how totally CUTE I looked and how I was changing on the fly.

I already blogged the outfit I wore. And THIS super spectacular outfit is NEW to me.

Thus, I must make sweet love to it with a blog post – even though I let it down and cheated on it during the taping of Fab Fashion TV.  I’m sorry Ivey…….I hope you still love me. I think everyone know’s I’m a crazy Digit Darkes Fan. Come on baby, come over here and let me rub your shoulders with some verbal blog post love……….

Unfortunately I think Digit thinks I’m a crazy stalker and now I’m afraid to be around her anymore. 🙁 YOU MAKE ME NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I SAY STUPID THINGS WHEN I AM NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok there. I said it.


Ivey if it makes you feel better, you make me a little nervous too. Rob doesn’t though. Work on that, eh Roblem?

Style Notes:

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Exodi – Eden – Sugar Tone – CODIE R
  • Hair – Dernier Cri – Ella – Blondes
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Fields
  • Top and Pants – SN@TCH – Easy for Girls set R
  • Shoes – SN@TCH – Trash Heels in Red Velvet
  • Nails – PXL Manicure – Red
  • Eyelashes – Marla

0 thoughts on “How I Cheated on Ivey Deschanel with Digit Darkes…

  1. Angie Mornington

    Haha Gidge I totally didn’t notice you changed clothes until you mentioned it. Isn’t Digit obnoxiously awesome? I could talk to her all night she is one of the most laid back and coolest people on the grid. And you know I love having you on the show because you are full of awesome yourself!

  2. Ivey Deschanel

    ohhh so I’m chopped liver eh? I see what’s going on. I’m ok for the blog but I don’t rate a TV appearance. Gotchaaaa I’ll remember that next time I send out blogger bags. Bet I didn’t even get a mention -cries-

    I bet you look so much cuter in my outfit and that other one made you look like a skank (JK for anyone that doesnt know me I’m grinning, smirking and pinching Gidge while typing this)
    I’m a Digit fan too….but next time -shakes fist- I better get a big old plug. Hey how do you get on this show anyways. I’ll wear my own damn clothes!

    <3 love ya Gidge, we'll talk about punishment later

  3. Roblem Hogarth

    I don’t make you nervous? But but I’m the, “Ivey is so sweet I don’t know how she ended up with that meanie Roblem Guy” Roblem. Damn I have to work on my edge, lol.

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