The Wearing of the Green

I am Irish on my mother’s side and so we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day though I have never drunk green beer.  Of course, the Irish ancestry is far and distant and long away because   Mom’s ancestry was that wonderful American melting pot of everything from Iceland to Iraq and Russia to Romania, England to Egypt and all points in between.  However, among her Irish ancestors is that great hero Brian Boru who probably did not unite Ireland, but gets credit for it anyway.  However, it was not the scant trace of Irishness in me that led me to choose the Emerald version of the new Lelutka Maria dress, but just my love of green as a color – rich and deep and vibrant green.

and of course, the stunning constrution that includes this marvelously well-done sculpty two strap bodice. With the straps sculpted like this, there’s no fading, disappearing and melting strap to mar the look. My only wish was that the attachment point for the bodice had been the spine, not the chest as the chest is the most common attachment for necklaces and so I had to resit the bodice on the spine.

The belt and skirt prims are perfect as well – or they were after they were untinted. I use the Release Candidate viewer and so my mesh is white, not gray. This means that designers using the old viewer are still adding a touch of gray to get the prims to match the system pieces. This is no longer necessary with the new mesh – and makes it imperative that designers provide modifiable prims attachments. All of these were modifiable, so I was able to get everything untinted.

The hair is also from Lelutka – Dianna. The skin is from Curio – the Limon makeup for the Vixen skin.

****STYLE NOTES******
No Promotional Items in this outfit

  • Poses: reel Expression
  • Skin: Curio Gala Sundust Vixen Limon
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: Lelutka Dianna
  • Dress: Lelutka Maria Emerald
  • Shoes: DeLa Stella Deep Forest
  • Jewelry: Ilusions Cherished Necklace, Gothica Earrings

4 thoughts on “The Wearing of the Green

  1. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    That’s funny you say that because I read people saying they tweak this and that on their shape for each skin and I never do. My shape only gets tweaked when I have to shorten it to drag a necklace out of my torso or shorten an arm for a pose. Hatchy Mills made it for me – she is a wonder with making shapes.

  2. Gidge Uriza

    You know I told Hatchy she should MAKE shapes, as she made both of ours – and know what she said? She said No. Because she doesn’t want everyone to be the same.
    “One friend, one shape,never make the same shape again.”
    Isn’t that funny?
    But I don’t tweak anything ever except skirt shape.

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