Round Buttons

Oh I do love the round buttons that trim this jacket from Zaara – a jacket I am sure you will see again and again as the truly well-made and flexible clothing items do get a lot of wear and air time. I decided to follow through on the theme of gold buttons – and chose the lovely necklace from Genesis that the green blouse from Zaara because of their gold buttons – but the piece that is the buttoniest of all is the pants from TOSL – the wonderful Sergeant Pepper pants. I have worn them before in another color – but this time I am grabbing the teal pants and yes, they work with that top.

I love love love these pants with their extravant flamboyant joy. Putting this together brings us to button nirvana. Feeling uplifted and empowered by buttons I decided to finally brave the updater at Bax Coen. Since the newest model of Bax Coen ankle boots has additional functionality – folks can update their old black and red suede boots. I dawdled and delayed thinking it would be a hassle, but I was wrong. Just put the shoes on and there’s a big button you click right in front of the main desk and voila – the new pair is delivered.

Since it’s that easy, I look forward to the update in the patent leather ankle boots too and next time I promise not to dawdle for weeks.

The makeup is the eternally elegant Grace – with flamenco lips. I think Flamenco is one of my favorite lip colors ever. I usually like a darker lip, but this really is an extraordinarily flattering color.

****STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Reel Expression
  • Skin: PXL Grace FT CatEyes Flamenco Lips R
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: Laqroki Ella
  • Jacket: Zaara Inka Brown
  • Blouse: Zaara ISis Olive
  • Pants: TOSL Sergean Pepper Pants Teal
  • Shoes: Bax Coen Brown Suede Ankle Boot
  • Jewelry: Genesis Prathivi Necklace, Balderdash Meadowlark Earrings, Dark Mouse Extravagance in Mercury Ring R

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