Princess Odette:Freed by the Ivalde Challenge

posted by Gidge Uriza

The beautiful Princess Odette, immortalized by the ballet SWAN LAKE, has been freed from her cursed life as a swan by the beautiful Sevina Gown by Ivalde.

Surrounded by Ethereal Ghosts of the Swans who served as her family and captors…….Odette spins and dances her joy upon being set free.

At least, that was my first thought upon seeing this new release from Ivalde and getting an invitation to request a review item from Beulah! 

Fashion comes and goes. It’s fickle, it’s flighty and sometimes it’s downright silly (please review off the shoulder sweatershirts circa 1984 if you doubt me). Style, however, is timeless. Style will carry you through seasons, and often times through decades.   Ivalde can be many things, modern retro chic, ballroom, vintage, classic…….but above all – Ivalde rings true with giving us items of timeless style.

This is possibly one of my favorite shoots ever. Not only because the creative idea came at me so hard and fast for the way I wanted to present THIS gown……..but because I tossed it out to Cajsa, asking if she knew someplace I could pick up some swans for the shoot – and she instead created this gorgeous, ethereal Swan Lake just for this shoot.

The mist swans stand sentyy in the background……perhaps they are jealous that they too cannot be free of the curse?

Thanks to Beulah for the notecard. I know so many talented bloggers have taken up the challenge. I am so honored to have been included!

Alto from Symphony Skins - Parfait Amour Makeup - L250 for a 4pack!

Alto from Symphony Skins - Parfait Amour Makeup - L250 for a 4pack!

Fashion Details

***Bold R Indicates Review Items***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Symphony Skin – ALTO – Parfait Amour
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Hair – Junwave – Pineapple – Blonde
  • Dress – IVALDE – Sevina – Antique
  • Shoes – Dela – Dark Blue Ballet Shoes
  • Jewelry – Degroot – Contessa

3 thoughts on “Princess Odette:Freed by the Ivalde Challenge

  1. Beulah Mills

    these pictures are stunning – so creative. It good to see folk love NEfs designs almost as much as I do ( no one could love it more than me )

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