The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

posted by Gidge Uriza

Okay the post is about the dress – but in this shot, all I could think of was those rocking boots. **Ahem, steps onto soapbox**….It is better that you have ONE of something GOOD vs. 20 of something crappy.***Steps down off of soap box***.

There I said it.

It goes for the dress too.

I love the various forms fashion takes……this latex sheath (I dunno what else to call it) can be futuristic, retro or otherwordly. It really put me in mind of Priss from Blade Runner – which is probably why I brought out Digit’s Feathered Skin from her new UnDress line.

I was feeling a little otherworldly – the work around the eyes makes me think of V and I can’t decide why. I do own the PRISS skin that Hart made for PXL Creations at Halloween – but I thought this one was slightly more menacing – yet beautiful.

And now I will tell you how crazy I am and how lucky I am to have my best friend be one of the premier photographers in SL………see……I don’t do any real work other than getting dressed. Let’s be honest. Cajsa does ALL the work, setting up the lighting, telling me to turn off full bright – telling me stuff is wonky that I haven’t noticed etc, picking posese that are most flattering.

And she indulges me, when I say “Hey lets go shoot in my bedroom” or “Hey let’s go shoot standing on a fighter plane wearing matching clothes”…….even though it’s more work for her and a huge hassle.

So I’m a little spoiled, cuz I get shot professionally all the time….and she indulges my silliness. So you can see how my mind might not have been QUITE down with the logistics of the process of shooting when I suggested “Hey can we do 24 Places to Wear the 24 Hour dress?”

Hahahahaha. I could hear her head explode across three time zones.  She gently reminded me of all the time adjusting lighting……and then it occurred to me that she normally shoots a minimum of 10 pics…..X 24 places……and so on and so on and so on……….and yeah, that’s a little too much to ask – just to show one dress.

But I think someone should do a contest. 24 Places to wear the 24 hour dress. The first two places I thought of right off the bat were the bridge of the Enterprise, and a Clone Trooper Bar. 

That would be a hoot.

AND NO CAJSA – if there is a contest……I’m not gonna enter.  🙂

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