With an Uncle Wiggly In Her Walk, And a Giggle In Her Talk

posted by Gidge Uriza

So Cajsa introduced me to Uncle Wiggly, and you’ve seen the rockin’ triple Marge necklace that she offers for a mere One Linden, you might not have seen some of the system-tastic dresses she has!

The selection is wide there. I love all the various textures and styles but this patchwork dress had stuck out in my mind and when I went BACK to pick it up I got mucho lucky cuz it’s her FREEBIE right now. If you can believe such a pretty little sundress is free…..

But I do not lie, ’tis FREE! At least it was. If you didn’t run and pick it up yet you should before it’s gone!  I’m going back to get some more dresses, that’s for sure.

Skin by Chic Boutique - Diva - Stella - Berrylicious

Skin by Chic Boutique - Diva - Stella - Berrylicious

You can tell I’m in love with the pink and purple make up combinations all of a sudden lately, aren’t I? What can I say….I miss the 80s.

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Fashion Details

Review Items Noted with an R

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Chic Boutique – Diva – Stella- Berrylicious R
  • Hair – ETD Camille – Sunny
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Dress – Uncle Wiggly – Patchwork Dress – FREEBIE
  • Shoes – Juicy Slingback Pumps – Bubblegum
  • Nails – Love Soul- Purple
  • Necklace – Frangipanni Designs – ICE ROCKS

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