From The Minute That You Walked In The Joint……

posted by Gidge Uriza

…I could see you were a man of distinction……A Real Big Spender!

Good Looking……so refined.

Wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on in my mind?

So Let me get RIGHT to the point.

I don’t pop my cork for every guy I see.

Hey Big Spender….

Spend….a little time with me.

This ensemble, including the skin, were all part of my finds from the turkey feather hunt that apparently took place some time recently at DG Innovations. Sheron DeGroot’s designs are as diverse as they are wonderful. Seriously, the same mind designed THIS excellent throwback dress, the previous COSMO girl AND my beautiful Christmas Dress. Wow. That’s creative.

The skin was part of the hunt and is one of the skins featured in her store now Blacklisted Skins. I like the really show-off make up style – it’s really nicely done.  Really fierce make up can often come off looking MEAN or just not feminine – I thought this was well done.  (Or like an SL hooker, you know what I mean).

Okay okay, I’m done making sweet love to DG Innovations – FOR NOW.

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photostudios

Click Here to see the hot smokin woman photo shoot

Fashion Details

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Blacklisted Skin Tone 01 – Avail at DG Innovations
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Hair – ETD  – Regina – Blonde
  • Dress, including gloves and hose – DG Innovations – Nouvelle Annee in Ivory and Red
  • Shoes – Digit Darkes – Dorothy Shoes

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