I Got Some New Legs, These Go All The Way Up

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend QXI Gears has been producing raw erotic images in SL for some time, but finally she’s opened her own gallery. Silo and I both managed to make the event (it’s been forever since we have BOTH been able to attend something together) and I ran through my inventory like MAD looking for this dress for the party.

I knew I had it. I just couldn’t remember who made it or what it was called.

And no, I don’t organize my inventory at all. You might shriek with HORROR If you beheld all 30,000 items scattered hither and yon the way they are. I find everything by it’s NAME or by designer. I went here, I went there, I ran into Digit Darkes telling Sasy “I AM LOOKING FOR A DRESS I ALREADY OWN – I FORGET IT’S NAME” – and I am sure she thought I was whacked. However, VOILA! I found it!

It was a really great party, mostly full of friends and those who love QXI’s visceral, raw, sexual pieces.  If you are interested in checking out some really original stuff – or just like to look at dirty pictures and pretend you are appreciating ART – please visit QXI’s gallery. You can take the TP from HERE!

*Side note – not fashion related – last year Cajsa and I hosted a party whose theme was to come as your favorite Cartoon Character. Silo and I came as each other. He broke out his old GIDGE AV – dressed as Gidge from ’07…….so here you see her – Old Gidge and New Gidge. What a hoot, eh?


Look!  I Grew! Emitters must make ya grow in SL!

All Photography except silly pic ABOVE by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR

Fashion Details for the NEW Gidge Only

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Aleri Darkes -Virgo – Fair Day Apricot
  • Hair – Diversity Hair – Alec
  • Eyes – FNKY -Purple Rain
  • Dress – Digit Darkes -Evening Petals in Salmon
  • Shoes – Digit Darkes Gold Gem Heels


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