Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Heloise

Heloise Merlin should be dressing Gidge who is the aficianado of kimonos. She would swoon for this brief: “How about a cute kimono from Nonko Romankan for a change? Maybe with some hair from CTK to go along with it?”  She provided SLURLS, how could I say no?

I had a some close friends from Japan when I was in college whom I invited home for the Christmas holidays. The second year she came for the holidays, one of them gave me a kimono. It was an amazingly generous gift and a stunning item of clothing – and daunting to wear as it was quite heavy and defnitely demands good posture.  Of course, with that long fabric wrapped round and round and round, well  your back is going to stay straight. Luckily, this Nonko kimono is quite light and easy to wear.

Now, unless it’s snow or rain particles for weather, I normally stick my nose up in the air about particles. No poofers for me. But, I saw abashedly, these fans emit butterflies. Please note that I am wearing a butterfly kimono. Doesn’t it seem too good to miss?

The hair at CTK is definitely perfect styling for any kimono lover. There’s variety and aside from hair, there are fans, umbrellas and some of the most stunning kimonos I have ever seen in Second Life. I will be back.

I went with the Fleur Azalea Shoujo makeup because it’s soft pallete best suited the kimono. I think it’s an ideal match.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: LAP Geisha
  • Skin: Fleur DNB Azalea Shoujo 6
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: CTK Hwa-Young
  • Kimono: Nonko Kimono Murasaki
  • Fans: CTK Particle Fans Butterflies

3 thoughts on “Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Heloise

  1. Heloise Merlin

    Oooh, right – I completely forgot, but I have those fans, too – and generally a bit of a soft spot for butterflies, so I’m doubly happy you not just took up my suggestion, but selected a butterfly motif, too. And needlessly to mention (but I’ll still say it) you look absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Harper

    Hear, hear. It’s difficult to find a good kimono, because (in my opinion) of the arm attachments; they’re usually made way too rigid. But this looks like it works.

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