El día de los muertos

Some cultures are more comfortable with death than others. In the United States and England we have a hard time with the words death, dead and dying and have come up with hundreds of euphemisms from resting in peace to crossing the river and going home to more colorful ones like kicked the bucket and taking a dirt nap. We have over 200 euphemisms for death. On the other hand, when I first began studying Spanish, I learned a children’s song somehat similar to Old McDonald Had a Farm – focusing on animal noises. The title was Mi Gallo Se Murió Ayer – “My Rooster Died Yesterday” – clearly a culture that doesn’t shrink from death. You see that in the wonderful celebration of el día de los muertos in Mexico and Central America where they throw a party at the cemetary complete with food, wine and song – a fiesta of light, laughter and remembrance. Some of Second Life’s most creative were inspired by that tradition and I am wearing the wonderfully bright results.

I am sad to say that this wonderful skin is not on sale, but that just goes to show you what high standards Annyka Bekkers of blowpop has. She has worked on these skins for some time but was dissatisfied with the result.  Sharing her decision to delete them on plurk, a bunch of us begged for a stay of execution and she gifted us with the skins.  Personally, I cannot see what’s wrong, they look perfect to me, but I defer to her expertise and am grateful that we have creators in Second Life who will not release less than their best for sale. As a skin consumer, it’s reassuring to know that blowpop has such exacting standards.

The dress and the boots are from KatatOnik (sold separately). The dress comes in many colors, each cuter than the last. I chose red after much deliberation, but honestly, I loved them all.  She did this in collaboration with Violet Voltaire and for convenience sake, the  Violet Voltaire jewelry is right next to the dress in the store.

Here you can see the adorable back of the dress and boots.

This shows you the jewelry and the lightning in the back of the photo. This was shot at Ciudad de Mexico sim where I went assuming, correctly, that I could find a place for the upcoming celebration.

***STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: blowpop La Muerta 1b
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: Sky Everett Lady Alanya Black
  • Dress: KatatOnik Dia de los Muertos Dress Red
  • Boots: KatatOnik Dia de los Muertos Ghostfire Red/Black
  • Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Dia De Los Muertos Set
  • Shot at slurl.com/secondlife/Ciudad%20de%20Mexico/153/135/1252

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