Queen of Denial

posted by Gidge Uriza

A lot of role play areas have great items that are fantastic for costumes. Not to be missed are some of the Egyptian role play areas (seriously just search EGYPT) where some of the most lavish costumes I’ve ever come across can be found.

I hunted for an Isis or other Egyptian costume for a party earlier this year and scavenged all over the grid looking for the one I wanted.  Part of my challenge was that I had fallen in love with this hair from Tekeli Li and didn’t want to wear different hair but the costumes I found had hair that REALLY had to be worn with the otufit.

But when I ran across this versatile, well layered piece on Onrez (yes I shop a LOT on Onrez) I just had to have it. It’s only $L229 and INCLUDES the sandals. Perfect!

I chose to pair it with some dramatic make up that is more classic vs. costume – new from Aleri Darkes the Virgo skinin Fair – Drama – Holly. 🙂

Click Here to see the entire Isis or Cleo photoshoot!

All photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studio

Fashion Details

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – Aleri Darkes – Virgo – Fair – Drama – Holly
  • Eyes – FNKY Purple Rain
  • Hair – Tekeli Li – Oracle in Black
  • Dress – Nile Princess – see link above to purchase – this includes armbands and shoes or visit their location in world at Night Sky
  • Necklace – Isis Necklace from Prinny’s Prims

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  1. Harper

    Did I mention on one of Cajsa’s articles that I loved Egyptian things? This is nice, with that texture on the skirt and the scarab belt. Good choice!

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