Polka Dotty

Polka Dots

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Polka dots are such fresh and lively prints. Just putting on one polka dot item will wake you up almost as much as a cappuccino, but imagine the effect of layering polka dots on polka dots with your accessories. In this outfit, I even feel ready to tackle my laundry.

This starts with one of the several freebie tops in Baiatrice’s April Free Gift (still there if you hurry.) However, I am not fond of kneepants – especially golfing style knee pants, so i add the lovely Developer pants from Digit Darkes. Honestly, these pants are so richly textured, that you might find yourself stroking your monitor. To top it off, I added on of the indispensable Helena sashes from Persona – a massive fat pack of jacket layer sashes that you can wear with hundreds of outfits.

You can see more photos at my Flickr:

Style notes and a snap of the accessories after the jump.Accessories

  • Shape: melli2 by hatchy mills
  • Skin: Amy 05 by Laqroki
  • Eyes: Soulful Hazel by ICEyes
  • Hair: Slim Pixie by Marlys
  • Blouse: April Gift 1 by Baiatrice
  • Pants: Black Developer Pants by Digit Darkes
  • Sash: Helena Waist Sash in Red by Persona
  • Earrings: KC Bamboomerangs: White Stripes
  • Bangles: DP Bracelet Set
  • Shoes: Foxy Slingback in Red by Stiletto Moody

2 thoughts on “Polka Dotty

  1. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    Am I silly to comment on my own post? Well, i just have to share the funniest coincidence that happened right after I published this post. I signed on to Second Life® and received a TP invite to a party from a friend. Having no other plans, I went to the party and… coincidentally it was a party for the Rez Day of Digit Darkes…and there I was in this outfit wearing her pants and immensely grateful I wrote something nice.

    Which made me come back and look @ the last week and I notice that her shoes feature in 3 posts and her pants in another. I guess it’s no secret I like her style. So Happy Rez Day to Digit Darkes and to Aleri Darkes and Cicciuzzo Gausman who also celebrated their Rez Day at the party.

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