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Always The Bridesmaid

Petunia With Gidge_002

When Gidge and I tried on the demos for the Petunia Gown from TGIS, we knew we had to blog it and not just blog it but mega-blog it. The quality of the construction has to be seen to be believed and it’s just so romantically perfect that we could not resist.

Petunia With Gidge_003

So we went to World’s End and shot some pictures. I wore cream and she wore pink and we each will blog our individual dresses and highlight those stunning elements that move us, but here’s a teaser with the two of us wearing this most incredible of gowns.

Fabulous Is Fabulous

There’s three ways of looking at the coincidence that both Gidge and I chose the same clothing from Betty Doyle’s Ingenue to blog at the same time. One is that we’re boring and predictable bloggers. The second is that great minds think alike. The third is that Fabulous Is Fabulous and who can resist fabulous. Ingenue has produced high quality clothing as long as I have been in Second Life. In the beginning, Doyle focused on the niche vintage market, but her work over the last year has moved firmly into contemporary sportswear and separates that are flagrantly feminine. Take the top and skirt in this outfit. They were released about a month apart but there is such a cohesive vision behind the collection that Gidge and I both thought to combine them, though in different colors. That cohesive visions also makes the colors suitable for mixing and matching with just about everything.
Such springlike romanticism made me think of springs and fairies and unicorns and other delights so I headed off to the Unicorn Sanctuary. I know it looks like it’s nothing but sunshine, gentle dew and rainbows, but explore around some and you will see that Enchanted is a very spooky place in parts.
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