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Maitreya Comes To Collabor88

One of the things that makes Collabor88 a hallmark event each month is that the releases from the core group of designers are certain to be high quality, must have items. It’s a combination of talent, reputation and love of what they do that they put into every piece they release. Events get tired, and worn out. Collabor88 roars back in every month and it’s always the same chatter “I can’t get in.” “Someone leave Collabor88″ “It’s been two days and I can’t get in”. This isn’t because of the cache of simply going. It’s because there are a core group of designers releasing great things that add beauty and style to our second lives, head to house. Continue reading



Halloween is such a fun holiday. We get to play dress-up and be a kid again. Of course we all have our favorite way of dressing up for the holiday – and for me, it’s glam, of course. The perfect Glam-O-Ween dress is from VoguE – where Halloween has resulted in three special outfits and 2 Halloween hats, one with a skeletal hand and this spider web hat.

Growing up in state where mosquitoes can gather so thickly they look like a smudge cloud on the horizon, I am fond of spiders and their hard and constant mosquito-eating efforts. There’s nothing quite so beautiful as a spider web damp with morning dew when struck by sunlight. So yes, a spider-web dress is going to be gorgeous and this one from VoguE is a stunner.

Continue reading

The Phone Rings At 7 Am…

I had this blog post planned. A couple of Arcade items, an item from Acid Lily, some Collabor88 – a well rounded event post. I’d shot it over a couple of days, dorking around with lighting, realizing after ten shots I was on medium resolution (this explained a lot).

Then my real life phone rang.  The cellphone in my pocket rang – and I looked at it with dread. No one calls you with good news at 7am. No one. It was Cajsa and I knew why she was calling.

You probably know it too, our friend Giulia, SL’s Squinternet Larnia had died. Cajsa was calling me to let me know, so that I didn’t read it on the internet that a friend had died. Continue reading

Little Greenie, I Will Always Be Your Fool

There was an AREA 51 themed party this weekend at The Garden to celebrate this month’s theme, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a poodle skirt diner girl or an alien. I dithered and went back and forth. The best part was, I was putting it all together from fun new and old items in my inventory – proof positive that you don’t have to go out and bankrupt yourself to participate in fun theme events. Continue reading

I Have Some Boots You’re Going To Need

So I have NEWS! If you remember the FLUX events, the Mardi Gras, the Taxidermia event, then you might be excited to learn that FLUX is returning with a new monthly THEMED event. What’s fun about FLUX is that it isn’t a big discount room full of crap you don’t need, rather it’s a themed event where invited creators are releasing lovely items based on that month’s concept.

The first concept in the hopper is AMERICANA and I’ve got a sneak peak at the EASY RIDER boots from Memento Mori by FLUX creator GHOST MANNEQUIN. You’ll have to wait till July but it’s shaping up to be an AWESOME event. Continue reading

My Linden Place In The Sun

I found this flamingo in my inventory and could not resist not even a little bit. It’s a perfect way to spend my beautiful day in the government housing I actually call home.  Further proof that a life of luxury and leisure is not impossible in the linden ghetto, I suppose. Continue reading

Retrofitting Club Gear

If I Were Clubbing_001

Digging through my inventory you might find a lot more items from Nomine that you’d imagine. Most of them are things I bought some time ago and the quality is too good for me to find a reason to trash outright. Continue reading

Free Things Of The Good Variety And Other Stuff Too

Is That Wrong?

Ever since they started the migration away from Magic Boxes, your Marketplace Shopping Experience has MOST LIKELY improved. I’m not saying you won’t find the freebie sex orb  of dubious quality, or someone just selling a landmark for their shop for zero but hey at least it’s zero. I long for the days when people sold pine boxes and listed them as “a box for your stuff”. Those were heady days of online pixel shopping. Continue reading

Why You Need These Things…A Post About Staples

I Need Some ShoesThere are things any well dressed girl has to have. HAS to have. Even if you just have ONE, it should be a good one and serviceable.  Today’s post is dedicated to those things. Continue reading