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Enough Is As Good As A Feast

Auntie Mame said those words and I believe very strongly in all things said by Auntie Mame. If the world were a perfect place, I would be Auntie Mame. Sometimes people write about what their SL fantasy is, perhaps they blog it – they’re a hunter or a goddess or a trashy slutty girl who has to put her goodies out on flickr for everyone to see 24/7. That’s their fantasy and I say go in peace, unless you don’t mark your goodies shots as adult on flickr and then well, I want to pinch your nerbs bcse that’s just rude. Continue reading

Mix It Up

Every fashionista should have a few highwaisted skirts in her inventory and you can get great ones from many places including MichaMi, Pixel Dolls and literally dozens of stores. The reason to have them is that they are great to toss into the mix when you want to take a top from a dress, jacket or suit and use it in a new way. For example, this jacket from Silent Sparrow comes from an pants outfit and is part of a long jacket with tails. I wasn’t in the mood for tails, but I was just loving the autumn feel of the jacket – and decided it would be a blouse for the day…and all it took was adding a skirt that would tuck it in. And so was able to enjoy the rich texture and intricate details of this gorgeous top – in a new way.

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There was a full moon last night

I went to Tusk last night -ooh, it’s so perfect for Halloween. In fact, it’s just beautiful all around with wonderful hidden grottos for cuddling with your significant ones, a skating pond with a few eerie shadows and then the marvelous castle – where Silent Sparrow is among the  retailers renting space. I had not planned to buy anything, but this outfit at the Silent Sparrow satellite store was too perfect for the setting to pass up. You could call it Serendipity.  In fact, you have to call it Serendipity because that’s the name of the dress.

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